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Reserve Series

Our Reserve Series bottles are the products of countless hours our crew has spent working with barrels that have been carefully fermenting for many months. These long-term, barrel-aged beers feature fruit from Washington State that we process by hand; adding the distinct complexity only achieved with whole fruit.

We sell all of these bottles through our taproom and hope to see you here soon for one of the release days.

Reserve Series No.9

Foudre fermented, this sour was inoculated with lactobacillus, saccharomyces, and brettanomyces before being transferred into a single Captive Spirits gin barrel with black currants. We allowed it to age there for 9 months before being bottled and conditioned for an additional 5 months. Earthy aromas of black currant blend with gin botanicals and balanced acidity.

Tasting Notes
black currants, oak, rose, cardamom

Released 6•29•19

Reserve Series No. 8

This golden sour ale is a blend of two red wine barrels, aged for 9 months with mixed cultures of lactobacillus, pediococcus, and brettanomyces. After the initial aging process, we added 250lbs of fresh peaches from our friends at Collins Family Orchards in Yakima Valley and allowed 4 more months of fermentation in the barrels. Fuzzy peach and light oak aromas explode out of the glass, followed by flavors reminiscent of tart peach juice.

Tasting Notes
peaches, oak, light acidity

Released 6•29•19

Reserve Series No.7

Foudre-fermented golden sour aged 9 months in a Captive Spirits gin barrel on over 100lbs of boysenberries. Restrained acidity, botanical flavors, jammy.

Tasting Notes
coriander, juniper berries, tart boysenberries

Released 5•11•19

Reserve Series No. 6

Foudre-fermented sour ale aged 9 months in Ardbeg scotch barrel with blueberries. Strong notes of smoke, and peat, balanced by tartness, and 50lbs of blueberries.

Tasting Notes
peat, smoke, blueberries

Released 4•13•19

Reserve Series No.5

A foudre fermented sour ale aged 9 months in a Captive Spirits gin barrel with montmorency cherries.

Tasting Notes
juniper berries, grains of paradise, citrus, tart cherries,  oak

Released 3•2•19

Reserve Series No. 4

A mixed-culture sour ale brewed and conditioned in French oak with raspberries.

Tasting Notes
raspberry, fruity, funky, tart, light oak

Released 3•2•19

Reserve Series No. 3

A blend of two mature barrels from our stock: one from golden sour stock, the other from our open top-puncheon. Angelino plums were added to the barrels and allowed to referment and condition for an additional 3 months.

Tasting Notes
red berries, fresh plum, strawberry, vanilla, faint oak, and candied red-fruit

Released 2•17•18

Reserve Series No. 2

A mixed-culture tart saison brewed in the early spring of 2017. It was placed in a freshly emptied Muscat barrel from Minimus Wines, a small natural wine producer in Oregon and allowed to ferment and mature for seven months.

Tasting Notes
light lemon tartness, faint danish blue funk, gooseberry, stone fruit, light peach

Released 12•16•17

Reserve Series No. 1

A foudre-fermented sour ale aged in French oak barrels with whole Apriums and Nectarcots from Collins Family Orchards. Aromatic, fruity, and sour, Reserve Series No. 1 is a blend of our two favorite hybrid fruits of 2017.

Tasting Notes
loads of stone fruit, apricot, nectarine, plum, firm acidity, light dusty funk

Released 12•16•17

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