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We think variety is the spice of life and thus our beer lineup is always changing. We don’t commit ourselves to any flagship beers but occasionally you will see some familiar flavors around. 

Tropic Heart

Our over-the-top mango passionfruit sour ale that pairs well with summer and also with wishing it was summer.


Massive fruit character with a dry finish and balanced acidity.

Lemon Strike

Bold blackberry flavors, brightened with a citrusy punch of lemon zest. Loving referred to as blackberry-lemonade around the brewery.

Briar Heart

Boysenberries and raspberries and just a hint of tart to win over your heart.


Sometimes you come across ingredients that just work well together. Peacharillo is all about the peachy, grapefruit characteristics of Amarillo hops married with the same likeness of actually peaches on our sour ale base.

Star Death

From the outer limits of our beerverse comes Star Death, a triple IPA with an ever changing cast of hops. Full bodied, juicy and casually crushable.

Heart of Stone

Our ever evolving love affair with the ancient pairing of stone fruit and sour beer. The 2018 version starts with bright apricot and peach flavors and finishes with just the right balance of acidity to keep your mouth watering while staying infinitely drinkable.

Identity Theft

A brewmance with our friends at Fieldwork Brewing, this ultra-dank DIPA has a creamy mouthfeel that carries waves of berries, pine and citrus.

Island Crusher

A new twist on an old favorite, the newest batch features passionfruit and grilled pineapple.

Saison Magnolia

Our always evolving house saison. Yeast driven with a dry finish, and fermented with a mixed culture of saison yeast and two different brettanomyces strains.


An ode to grandma's favorite pie, combining strawberries and rhubarb.


A sour ale with a colossal amount of blackberries and raspberries. Bright fruit notes with jammy aroma and a tart, dry finish. Close your eyes and hope for spring to come sooner.

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